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Chinese Traditional Paper Cutting!Activity for foreign friends

Spring Festival is the most important day in China, it’s  the time when  families are reunite and wish each other good fortune for the coming year. During spring festival ,all families will decorate their houses with beautiful and intricate paper cuttings. This is a long standing tradition and requires great skill. 

There are various kinds of paper-cutting patterns, with different symbolic meanings. This is a really fabulous way to  bring the festive atmosphere for the Chinese New Year . Many of the patterns and symbols carry a deep meaning, such as “ praying for safety and luck” and are very important in Chinese long tradition.

If you are interested in Chinese traditional culture,and want to try the paper-cutting yourself, then you are welcome to come join us on 23rd. There will be a free activity held by GZL International Consultants Co.Ltd. And a Paper-Cutting Master-Mrs He will introduce you about the art ,and teach you how to make different paper-cutting designs!

Mrs He

Aside from the Paper-cutting activity,there will be some funny interactive games for you also.And you can win generous prize once your Paper-cutting pattern is amazing..So if you are interested in this activity and want to attend,please take a look at the following details.

Chinese traditional Paper Cutting 

---Butterflies Lingering Over Flowers

A professional Paper Cutting Master will teach you how to cut different traditional designs using paper!

Goal of the activity: To deepen your knowledge about china’s traditional culture and have an enjoyable day with great prizes.

Activity Time :  14:00-17:00 on 23rd .Feb.2019


Charge : Free of Charge!

Designed for foreign friends only


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Do you want to know more about the Chinese traditional culture ? Then join us, expand your imagination and tap your own potential.

See you on February 23rd ! If you have any questions or you want to know more about the activity,please contact us!

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