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Early bird price of CNY 158 available NOW with TeamLab in GZ!

“ TeamLab: Forest of Life and Future Amusement Park ” Art Exhibition will take place in Guangzhou from 27th Apr to 7th Oct 2019


This world class experiential interactive Exhibition of technology, culture, art and entertainment settles in Guangzhou for the first time.


The Guangzhou TeamLab Art Exhibition ticket price is RMB 238. And it’s only RMB 158 for early birds!


Guangzhou TeamLab Art Exhibition contains two parts: “Forest of Life” is a collection of large art projects; while “Future Amusement Park” shows education projects with co-creating concepts. These two perfectly combine into an entirely new sensory experience.



The Guangzhou Exhibition locates at Pati Art & Culture Creative Park. Twelve artistic works create a full scene immersion experience in this large exhibition area of 2600 m². Half of them are first exhibited in China, which will bring us brand new visual impact.


RMB 158 for early birds

Booking Time:   2019 Mar 13 – 2019 Apr 26

Open Time:     2019 Apr 27 — 2019 Jun 6 10:30—22:30( closed on first Monday per month)


Exhibition Venue:  Guangzhou Pati Art & Culture Creative Park Area B

Change Ticket Time:  10:30—21:30

Change Ticket Place:  Ticket Office at scenic spot


How to Change Tickets: Please show your SMS with successful booking information (order number and phone number included) during open time, change for ticket and enter the garden. If you have any problem, please contact customer service: +86181 0282 1613 


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