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23rd of March, GuangZhou has an exciting event! Dont miss out!

Want to get up close to world-class horse racing action? Wish to further your knowledge about the sport and enjoy the natural hot springs and authentic cuisine of Guangdong? 

March 23rd, come and take a stole through the amazing cherry blossom covered mountains of Conghua, Guangzhou, and be a part of the first Hong Kong Jockey Club Conghua Racecourse equestrian event! Conghua is calling you!

Members of the public in the Mainland China will have an opportunity to experience Hong Kong's world-class horse racing at the Exhibition Raceday, a first-of-its-kind racing sports event of world-class standard, staged by The Hong Kong Jockey Club in collaboration with Conghua District Government at Conghua Racecourse on 23rd March, 2019. 

“Conghua Racecourse is the first racecourse and training center for thoroughbreds in the Mainland which meets the highest international standards”. Since its official opening in August this year, we have witnessed how horses benefit from its world-class facilities.

Admission into the racecourse will start at 11 am on the event day. The racecourse will be divided into different zones, Zone B for tour groups from Guangzhou city , we will enter the racecourse via this section!



On-Course Activities

Apart from enjoying a unique social sporting experience with horse racing knowledge provided by Racing Ambassadors, racegoers will be welcome to unleash their creativity through DIY workshops or visit our fun-filled game booths to complement the thrilling racing action.

In addition, racegoers can choose to explore the local attractions of Conghua and learn more about horse racing by visiting our exhibition displays. 

An equestrian parade and photo corners will provide great photo-taking opportunities for racegoers to capture this memorable occasion with families and friends.


Travel Itinerary

Day 1  [Guangzhou Dongfang Hotel] - [Conghua Racecourse] - [Conghua Hot Spring Hotel]

We will meet out front of the Dongfang Hotel in Guangzhou at 10:00 am. After boarding the coach we will make our way to the Hong Kong Jockey Club Conghua Racecourse(approx 1.5hrs); 

After arriving at the Conghua Racecourse and passing the security check, we will make our way to the dinning area to have lunch. Once lunch is finished, we will make our way to the racetrack to watch the races, with a five race schedule: (14:30, 15:05, 15:35, 16:10, 16:40). After the final race of the day, you are free to check out the on-course activities and have some fun!

At 17:30 we will depart and make our way to Conghua Farmhouse for a roundtable dinner, then head over to the Conghua Hot Spring Hotel for check-in. After that you can start enjoying some relaxing time in the Spas or the take in some of the hotel entertainment.



Day 2  [Conghua Hot Spring Hotel] - [Tianshi Cherry blossom garden] - [Fruit Garden] - [Way back]

After breakfast, we weill make our way to the Tianshi Cherry blossom garden (about 1.5 hours), then enjoy a farmhouse rundtable lunch. 

After lunch, drive to Nanyue Ancient Road - Lianma Town (visit about 1 hour), then go to Conghua fruit garden to taste seasonal fruits (about 30 minutes); return to Guangzhou Yuexiu Park subway station by coach, finish the trip. 




Itinerary Standard

Hong Kong Jockey Club Conghua Racecourse -

Exhibition Raceday & Tianshi Cherry blossom garden two days

AVAILABLE on 23rd March 2019

Price from CNY450/PP (not include English speaking guide)

If you need an English speaking guide, please contact customer service

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1. At least 20 people to make this group 

2. The Racecourse events admission card (Zone B); Fruit garden ticket

3. Meals: three meals included, the first day of lunch is arranged at the event to enjoy a simple business meal, dinner and the next day lunch arranged in the Conghua farmhouse (meal standard ¥ 50 / person, according to 10 people /per round table)

4. Accommodation arrangements: Conghua Hot Spring Hotel (4 stars hotel standard), each room for 2 people

5. Transportation: travel agency will arrange 45 to 49 seater, air-conditioned coach, according to the number of group, to ensure that each person has a seat.

6. Insurance: Travel accident insurance with an insurance amount of 100,000 yuan

7. Requires Two people to register at the same time, to share a room

8. It is not recommended that children under 1.2 meters tall attend this event. Young people under 18 years old are required to be accompanied by an adult at all time

March 23rd is the day of this special event, so please don't miss out! Come and enjoy the thrill of the race and relax in the local hot springs of surrounded by splendid cherry blossom. Prices at just 450 yuan!

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